Acquerello CCC


for 4 people:

320g or 1 1/2cup of Acquerello Rice aged 1 year
1 litre of broth made with the heads of red Sicilian prawns
60g or 1/3cup of butter
50g or 1/4cup of mature Grana Padano cheese
Blue methylene
100g or 1/2cup fresh squid
30g or 1/8cup of powdered squid ink
4 leaves of silver

Marco Stabile


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The chefs then met with Marco Stabile, the Florentine chef, president of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, who was in the kitchens preparing Acquerello CCC, a risotto planned specially for this occasion. His colleagues all joined in, with Cristeta Comerford, Mark Flanagan and Fabrizio Boca giving a hand. Stabile shared with them information on the rice, the cooking techniques, the preparation and how the idea of Acquerello CCC was born


Begin preparing the recipe by bringing the prawn broth to the boil for about 30 minutes. Add the methylene blue to give the Acquerello blue color and add rice. Cover the pan and boil for 11 minutes.Allow the rice to rest for 1 minute, open the pan and stir with a wooden spoon, so that the remaining broth takes up the starch from the rice.Add the butter cut into small pieces and then add the Grana Padana cheese.Serve Acquerello Rice on a hot plate, decorated with the leaves of silver, the squid dusted with paprika and a line of powdered squid ink.